Insight. Clarity. Tools. Momentum.

write your own road map




Having a hard time setting goals?

What should you even be paying attention to?

And what even matters anymore?


Do you need:


actual goals (!)




a freakin’ plan


If you just cannot make decisions right now (um, global pandemic & cultural uprising, anyone?)


If you don’t know what is even happening in the world


If you’re reluctant to want things, or plan for the future


If you’re struggling to care for folks in need, not to mention yourself,



So. Much. Is. Happening. It feels impossible to feel centered, or connect to a vision. BUT HERE’S THE THING:


The world needs us – our communities need us – and our own hearts need us.


Find Your Path

When we’re focused, we’re effective. When we’re in alignment, the universe conspires to make our dreams happen. When we’re clear, we are useful to ourselves and others. 

My Darling, you need clarity. 

You need focus.

You need to remember who you are and what you’re capable of

You need to be seen and heard.

You need a posse, and support.

You need a plan.


Babe, you need a retreat.

About Your Facilitator

Amelia Casals


For two decades I’ve been “visioning” my way into clarity, achievements, and success. Since 2008 I’ve been guiding and mentoring students, friends, and colleagues through this visioning process. And now, I’d love to work with you.

With an eclectic background in tantra, technology, non-profits, entertainment, and business, I’ve been called a shape-shifting master of personal and professional evolution

These visioning techniques led me to achieve my own goals (traveling the world, starting five businesses, and winning the top international award in my field).

Need to know all the deets? Check out my full BIO.  But the short story is that I’m a trained Sacred Intimate from the Body Electric School, former Project Management Professional for Vulcan, INC, and speak Brazilian Portuguese (badly).  I worked on President Bill Clinton’s Universal Health Care campaign, performed for Hugh Hefner, and raised half a million dollars to support AIDS charities. I founded a Non-Profit arts education organization, a Dance Academy, and a Pasties company (the kind you stick on your chest, not the kind you eat). As the Visionatrix I use my given name of Amelia Casals, but I am best known as International Burlesque star Miss Indigo Blue.

Amelia Casals, Visionatrix, is here for you.



I’m offering this daylong virtual retreat to give you 

Insight.  Clarity.  Tools.  Momentum.




AUGUST 15 2020

10a-5p PST (7-2 HST, 1-8 EST, 5a-12 NZT-8/16)


*Bonus Intention Setting Session

Friday August 14 5-6 PST (2 HST, 8 EST, 12nNZT-8/15)

*Bonus Decompression Accountability Session

Monday August 17 5-6 PST (2 HST, 8 EST, 12nNZT-8/18)


Words of appreciation from past participants of Amelia’s Visioning retreats.

“The retreat was amazing from the business clarity and pattern-shifting feedback to the times of relaxation and fabulous company”

“The brainstorming process you guided us through was very helpful. The way you did it, step by step, gave me a better understanding of what was going on for me”

“I am still hanging on to my visioning diagram and checking in with it often to celebrate all of my wins”

No matter where you are in the world, we can spend the day together.

You’ll get the focus and motivation you crave to move FORWARD.

Worried you’ll be spend the day stuck to the screen? NOPE. This retreat is interactive, dynamic, and motivational. We’ll use our virtual time as a container and you’ll spend the day writing, moving, talking, and connecting with me and your fellow visioners. With breaks built in to integrate, snack, absorb, and activate, this Virtual Retreat is unlike any other. 

We’re talking about mastering your own path for yourself – not just a sourdough recipe. Whether this path is to a new line of business, an artistic endeavor, a shift in your relationships, or a dream that’s been hiding just under the surface… let’s lay the groundwork for all opportunities that exist for you.

Let’s take advantage of the changing environment to evolve together.  I invite you to invest in your well-being and invest in the gifts you have to offer the world.  You and your gifts are are powerful beyond measure!

I’m so excited to support you and witness what you unveil during this powerful retreat!

Here’s what’s included in the Daylong Retreat:
  • Opening grounding ritual with guidelines for community
  • Centering guided meditations incorporating movement and the senses
  • Powerful, guided visioning exercises with Amelia Casals including
  • Clarifying “NOW”
  • Calling forth “DESIRE”
  • Defining “FUTURE”
  • Breaking through roadblocks and resistance
  • Connection and collaboration exercises – interact as much or as little as you wish
  • Creation of the roadmap to your vision for the second half of 2020 and beyond
  • Inspiring closing ritual
Creating A Vision


You will be inspired with:

  • fresh new ideas
  • answers to the question “what’s next?”
  • actual goals (!)
  • a road map of what’s to come
  • a compass.


You will be experience

  • healing of your heart
  • honing of your vision
  • a grounded sense of self
  • connection with others
  • knowledge of where you’re headed
Visioning candles on table


You will be empowered to

  • define where you are
  • specify what you want
  • develop goal setting strategies
  • focus your trajectory
  • move forward

Now is the time to regain your clarity, and move through fear.

Greater personal confidence is just a day away.

I’m here to support you, and nurture your courage.

When you commit to yourself, your momentum starts NOW.





Insight.  Clarity.  Tools.  Momentum.

Pricing and Investment Details:

Full Price $497

This price includes ALL of the workbooks, the full day retreat, *and* the BONUSES.

BIPOC Accelerator $197

In acknowledgement of systemic oppression and institutionalized racism, I offer this BIPOC Accelerator pricing because I am interested in making this work as accessible and affordable as I can to BIPOC folks. Thus, anyone self-identifying as BIPOC receives $300 off this retreat.

Click on “Register Now” and use the Coupon code “BIPOC” to receive all the workbooks, full day retreat, *and* the BONUSES.