Insight. Clarity. Tools. Momentum.

write your own road map



Daylong Visioning Intensives with Amelia Casals

Spring 2020 Date Now Open!


Are you struggling with a clear VISION for yourself?

Confused about what the next “thing” is? Or even what the next step is?

Do you feel disconnected between your artist self and your “Muggle” self?

Do setbacks take the wind out of your sails? Do you abandon projects, drop goals part-way through, and leave plans un-executed?

Are you abundant in your interests, passions and talents, but spreading yourself too thin in an attempt to do a little bit of everything?

Craving clarity about where to bring you focus and energy so you can “show all the way up”?

Wonder what is holding you back from shining bright like a diamond?

If this sounds like you, you’re ready for clarity.

I feel like I’m floundering.

I’m very unclear on my next step.

I’m in the middle of major life changes, and suddenly my road map feels unclear.

I am finally able to put my efforts into growing as an artist… but how?

I’ve gotten a taste of my biggest dreams and it’s terrifying!

I am attempting this on my own with no guidance and it SUCKS… Help from someone I admire seems like a huge gift right now.

The timing is perfect!

I want to make myself stronger so that I can help others and the world.


This retreat will give you Insight.  Clarity.  Tools.  Momentum.


You will be inspired with

fresh new ideas

answers to the question “what’s next?”

actual goals (!)

a road map of what’s to come

a compass.


You will be experience

healing of your heart

honing of your vision

a grounded sense of self

connection with others

knowledge of where you’re headed


You will be empowered to

define where you are

specify what you want

develop goal setting strategies

focus your trajectory

move forward

Here’s what’s included:

  • Opening grounding ritual with guidelines for community
  • Centering guided meditations
  • Powerful, guided visioning exercises with Amelia Casals including
    • Clarifying “NOW”
    • Calling forth “DESIRE”
    • Defining “FUTURE”
  • Breaking through roadblocks and resistance
  • Creation of the roadmap to your vision for 2019
  • Inspiring closing ritual


  • Delicious, nourishing snacks and tea (StudioBlue only)
  • Pens, art supplies, and writing pad (StudioBlue only)
  • Intuitively crafted vision board (StudioBlue only)


Words of appreciation from past participants of Amelia’s Visioning retreats.

“The retreat was amazing from the business clarity and pattern-shifting feedback to the times of relaxation and fabulous company”

“The brainstorming process you guided us through was very helpful. The way you did it, step by step, gave me a better understanding of what was going on for me”

“I am still hanging on to my visioning diagram and checking in with it often to celebrate all of my wins”

About Your Facilitator

Amelia Casals


With an eclectic background in tantra, technology, non-profits, entertainment, and business, Amelia is a shape-shifting master of personal and professional transformation.

Since 2004 she has been using these very same visioning techniques to achieve her own goals (such as traveling the world, starting five businesses, and winning the top international award in her entertainment field). With great pleasure, she has evolved her tools so that she can share her experience with others.

Amelia is a trained Sacred Intimate from the Body Electric School, holds Project Management Professional credentials, and speaks Brazilian Portuguese.  She has worked for President Bill Clinton, performed for Hugh Hefner, and raised half a million dollars to support AIDS charities. She is the Founder and former Executive Director of a Non-Profit arts education organization, the Owner and Headmistress of a dance school in Seattle, and performs internationally as Burlesque star Miss Indigo Blue.

Now is the time.

Gain the clarity you’ve yearned for and build your action plan to move forward through fear.

Personal confidence is just a day away.

Build the courage to achieve your loftiest vision.

Support is at hand!

The momentum starts NOW when you commit to yourself.

Need a payment plan with a 3-pay? I got you, boo. Just drop me a line at and I’ll hook you up.